September 30, 2020


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Some Facts You Need To Know About DWI Lawyers

DWI or Driving While Intoxicated is a serious offense that can inflict severe penalties and repercussions on a person convicted with the offense. A person is arrested for DWI if his or her blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or higher while driving a vehicle.

DWI Attorneys

Experienced houston tx dwi lawyer is well aware of the fact that field sobriety tests are likely to be unreliable and find the best means to present the right evidence in court. They have an accurate idea of the various kinds of breathalyzers used by law enforcement officers. These apparatus must be certified by legal authorities and also have maintenance records.

Attorneys know where to find details about the accuracy and performance records of these instruments. They also help their clients get an occupational license at Administrative License Revocation Hearings so that they can drive to their workplace during the trial.

Apart from legal implications, a DWI arrest could harm one’s career and relationships. Because of the potential penalties that could be life-changing, it is crucial to hire a DWI lawyer to handle the case.

First Time Offense

A person convicted of DWI for the first time may not be incarcerated but will be asked to pay a fine. Attend alcohol rehab programs and carry out community services. A DWI arrestee can face other charges, such as intoxication assault. For instance, when an individual is arrested for DWI and a child (under 15 years of age) is present in the vehicle, the driver will be charged with felony DWI.

Such a conviction will inflict a hefty fine, along with a jail term. If the drunken driver is caught in an accident that caused serious injury to someone, he or she will be charged with intoxication assault. If someone has been killed in the accident, the drunken driver will likely be charged with intoxication manslaughter. In such severe cases, the arrestee faces other charges and the penalties inflicted by the DWI arrest.

As DWI laws come under Criminal Laws, it becomes vital to hire an experienced DWI lawyer who can comprehend the situation. Further, it is advisable to seek a lawyer immediately so that there is sufficient time to gather information. If there are witnesses, the lawyer will record their statements.

Facts gathered when the incident is still fresh in their minds tend to be more accurate. These facts may contain information that can even form the basis to dismiss the case. A lawyer will analyze if the arrest lacks a possible cause and check how the arresting authority responded to the arrestee’s plea for legal counsel. The lawyer notes any omission on the part of the arresting officers. Taking every detail into account, the lawyer guides the case on the right path and obtains a favorable verdict for the client.